Performance Management Coaching

Why are they telling me I need to change?
Can’t they see everything I’ve accomplished?

Meet Expectations for Success with Vital Focus!

In the workplace you are being evaluated and judged by your performance and you may not always satisfy spoken or unspoken expectations.

Vital Focus can help you determine what stands between your performance and your organization’s expectations.

  • Is it a lack of feedback?
  • Do you not understand the impact that you have on others?
  • Do you need new skills or resources to be able to meet the expectations?
  • Is it a lack of motivation to respond to their expectations?

We’ll work together to understand the goals your organization has set for you. Vital Focus has the professional assessments tools needed to clarify where your skills and resources are strong and where you need to develop new ways to manage your limitations. We’ll help you establish feedback loops with your supervisor and trusted observers in order to monitor your course correction and gauge your progress.



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Amy Burkhalter

About Amy

Founder of Vital Focus, Amy Burkhalter, is an expert in individual and team behavior change. With a master's degree in psychology, she has more than twenty years of training and experience applying principles of change to the work world.

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