Team Conflict Management

Why can’t they stop fighting and get to business?

Resolve conflict without eroding productivity

On every team there are differences that create conflict. At times, conflict can be the fuel for creativity and innovation. However, when conflict begins to interfere with other team members’ contributions and threatens to erode overall productivity, it’s time to take action.

At Vital Focus, we have the tools help leaders assess the underlying reasons for conflict and can provide solutions for resolving the issues effectively and professionally.

We will help you uncover the root of the problem. For example:

  • Is your team lacking a set of clear goals?
  • Are personality differences causing frequent misunderstandings?
  • Are there overlapping roles and responsibilities among team members?
  • Do team members have undeveloped communication skills or conflict management skills?
  • Is the team missing the kind of structures that would support the communication, decision-making and accountability you need to succeed?


Amy Burkhalter

About Amy

Founder of Vital Focus, Amy Burkhalter, is an expert in individual and team behavior change. With a master's degree in psychology, she has more than twenty years of training and experience applying principles of change to the work world.

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